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You may email a general question to the District by submitting this form or you may call 419-972-4571 to  speak with our Secretary/Treasurer.

Our mailing address is:  9501 Jerusalem Road, Curtice, OH  43412

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The District is managed by three (3) Directors appointed by the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas by ORC6101.  The Board Members are each appointed to 5-year, staggered terms.  The current Board Members are:


Name: Ms. Holly Szuch

Position: Vice Chair


Phone: 419-261-3558

Name: Mr. Elvis Shepherd

Position: Chair


Phone: 419-967-3943

Name: Mr. Adam Hoff, PE

Position: Alternate


Phone: 419-466-3343

Name: Chrissy Schmitz

Position: Secretary / Treasurer


Phone: 419-972-4571

The Board exercises sole responsibility for the inspection and maintenance of the levees and dikes and other flood control devices.  In application of its duties, the Board is also responsible to establish and implement the annual budget of assessments and expenses, approved by the Court and applied to property taxes by the Lucas County Auditor.